i think love is the only thing
that will remain after it all
07.12.20 tired!
i just finished two summer classes. i wish my teachers for my pre-medical prereq classes would grade fair or just be normal. it feels like succeeding is generally impossible! i did higher than average but it's upsetting that they don't quantify grades in ways that are more upfront.

i'm in the process of gpa repair because personal health circumstances made it virtually impossible for a while to function properly, so just. the relative inaccessibility of academia hits harder than normal. i can't control certain aspects of my health or living circumstances. i want to sleep until the pandemic is over and i can move out of my house again.

on another note, i've been watching this youtube channel a lot lately. per my last entry, the world of fundamentalists has been incredibly interesting to me as of late and i just cannot look away. like seriously, give their channel a watch or even a sub because their videos are great.
07.09.20 hello!
i made a neocities! i had one before but forgot about it a while ago. idk what to do on here or really, what to actually talk about, since whenever i talk about stuff it comes out very stream-of-consciousness and ends up making very little sense. currently, i'm studying for my finals (which are actually tomorrow) and am procrastinating !! i want to go for a run.
also, here is something interesting for you! i fell down the fundie rabbithole and cannot believe that i basically grew up like this! incredible!